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Terms & Conditions (hide)

  1. You agree that these terms will apply to your application for finance from Superloans.
  2. This online application process does not consitute a formal loan agreement or credit contract. Any amounts quoted during the application process are indicative only.
  3. Superloans are collecting personal information about you in your application for finance. The information is being collected for the purposes set out in clause 4 below and will be held by Superloans.
  4. The information is being collected for all or any of the following purposes:
    1. To decide whether or not to grant a loan,
    2. Administering the loan,
    3. Enforcing payment and other legal obligations owed by you to Superloans,
    4. Advising you of other products and services offered by Superloans,
  5. If you do not provide all or any part of the information requested on the application form your application for finance may be declined.
  6. The intended recipients of the information are Superloans and its associated companies, credit reporting agencies (e.g. Veda Advantage) and debt collection agencies.
  7. You authorise the collection and release at any time of any information necessary for or relevant to the purposes set out in clause 3 above (including a credit or fraud check) from and to any person deemed necessary by Superloans.
  8. You are entitled to request access to, and (if required) correction of, any personal information held about you by Superloans.
  9. You acknowledge and agree that Superloans may supply information to and receive information from your family, other members of your household, your place of employment or work colleagues in connection with the purposes set out in clause 3 above. This will typically be the case if Superloans is unable to contact you for any reason.
  10. You consent to receiving text messages, emails or other electronic communications from Superloans regarding other products and services offered by it and acknowledge that this information may be sent whether or not you have a current loan with Superloans.
  11. You acknowledge that any communications to or from Superloans may be recorded.
  12. You understand that you can access your personal credit information from Veda Advantage and that if it is incorrect, request that it be corrected. The information can be accessed through the website or by writing to Veda Advantage (NZ) Ltd at PO Box 912012, Auckland 1142.
  13. You authorise any credit reporting agency to which we provide information about you to list that information in its systems and use it to provide credit reporting services to its own customers. You also authorise Superloans to regularly monitor your credit record at any credit reporting agency.
  14. You acknowledge that provision of your driver licence number (or any other identification numbers) to Superloans is voluntary and that you consent to Superloans disclosing your driver’s licence number (or any other identification numbers) to Veda Advantage and other third parties in order to process your credit application.
  15. You warrant and undertake as follows:
    1. The information given in your loan application is correct to the best of your knowledge and belief and that no information has been withheld that might affect Superloans decision on your loan application.
    2. You are not known by any name other than that contained in your loan application and that there are no official documents in NZ or any other country which record any other name or form of name or date of birth for you.
    3. You are over the age of 18 years and are not an undischarged bankrupt or liable under any proceedings under the Insolvency Act 2006 and its amendments.